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My hope is that I can serve you in the best way possible. Please look through the services I offer, and if you find something  that would fit your needs please reach out through my contact page. I am looking forward to helping you along in your journey whatever it may be! 

Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy | Modes of Therapy Include: 

  • Eye Movements Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) (see video in link below)​

    • Trauma

      • ​EMDR treats mental health conditions that happen because of memories from traumatic events in your past. It’s best known for its role in treating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but its use is expanding to include treatment of many other conditions.

    • Substance Use Disorders

      • Most people who struggle with a substance use disorder have negative associations that either lead to addiction or were caused by their addiction. For those who have a traumatic event that underlies their drug or alcohol use, EMDR therapy can serve to help them process the memories associated with the event.

      • Other individuals do not have specific traumatic events that contribute to their substance use disorder but have accumulated a number of profoundly uncomfortable memories associated with drug or alcohol use. EMDR can be used to address all of these situations by targeting memories that cause the client significant discomfort or emotional distress and reprocessing these memories into ones that are benign or even positive.

      • I am certified in EMDR. 

  • Internal Family Systems Therapy or “parts work”

    • ​This approach informs my work with individuals, couples, and families and assists with any mental illness, relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and grief.

    • I am not certified in Internal Family Systems Therapy. 

  • Somatic Therapy

    • ​This is coupled with the above therapies and informs approach to increase the healing from trauma process.

    • I am not certified in somatic therapy. 

  • Behavioral Health Screenings 

  • Behavioral Health Assessments 

  • Treatment Planning

  • Care coordination to support client's health, wellness, and independence

Other Services Include:


What is EMDR? 



In an effort to protect each client's confidentiality, all clients are asked to park around back, via the alley way against the building where it says,"Doctors Parking Only". We also have our own entrance into the building (around back). 


You'll know you're in the right spot if the door says, Blue Star Therapy, LLC.

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